Mr & Mrs Miller

There’s something unique about growing up with someone and photographing them for over 10 years, and then being able to take that full circle and be there on her wedding day. Thank you Matt and Alix. To witness that complete trust between two beings, there just isn’t words to explain the love and connection. The warmth, that radiates from these two! Also, I don’t think a more beautiful bride exists. Forever grateful to have been apart of such a beautiful and special day. Here are a few of my favorites.

Introducing Alix & Matt Miller!

Noah Dooley Music

It’s been a while since I blogged… 2 1/2 years to get exact. But there’s no time like now, to return to the things and people that mean the most to us and this photoshoot couldn’t symbolize that more. I had so much fun taking these portraits of my brother, Noah Dooley, the most talented musician I know. And I’m not saying that for sister points, I grew up with the guy, he’s tenacious as hell and the most committed human I’ve ever met. Anything he lands his focus on, he escalates to perfecting that thing, at an annoyingly fast rate. My early memories of elementary and middle school are filled with the sounds of Noah practicing his guitar relentlessly, before zipping off to Spain after college, to learn even more beautiful tunes. Whether it was basketball, skateboarding, Spanish or music, always music, he rose to the top.

If you haven’t had a chance to hear Noah play, visit @noahdooleymusic on Instagram. From Bach to Manuel Ponce, his range transcends time. Literally. Oh and he’s single, ladies!

Simone + Sean Iverson

This wedding was special to me in so many ways. Simone, my beautiful cousin is one of the closest things I have to a sister and being asked to photograph her wedding was really special. Celebrating these two surrounded by our friends and family was perfect, every little detail spelled out Simone and Sean and was filled with love and a huge amount of thought. Congratulations again you guys, so many hugs! 


Power to the Peaceful

It is easy to be angry and to throw violence at violence.  Judge, what you don't understand. It is easy to want to escape it all because maybe, it doesn't apply directly to "you" but it does. And what a beautiful realization that is because yes the bad effects us all, but so does the good. TODAY, I saw only good. The positive energy radiating out of Astoria and SO MANY other places all around the world today was impossible to ignore and impossible not to feel.

Powerful and Peaceful,

 We are free