Ashley. I love this lady, she's such a strong woman and the way she brings her visions into jeweled form, is incredible. I had the pleasure of photographing her and Syd in some of her new winter creations and they both rocked them RIGHT. 

I'm becoming more and more aware of all the awesome women in my life not only taking control of their own professional lives, but making their dreams come true. It's hard work being a small business owner, especially starting out (every day I am learning on so many levels) and to be able not only to ask for advice from one another but collaborate with one another and inspire. It's beautiful thing. Celebrate your friends, their happiness is your happiness too.

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Speaking of Happy, Check out Sydney and Morgan's epic health and beauty products HERE, Happy Handmade. These ladies have been hard at work creating a gorgeous array of scrubs, soaps, oils and other yummies. Stocking stuffers anyone?