Limerick was lovely. It didn't get the best rap from some of our previous hosts, but we found it to be cozy and the people warm. Our favorite person we met in our brief stint in the little city, was Noel (while eating the BEST bangers n' mash I've ever had, at The Locke Bar. GO THERE TOO). Noel is an Irish surfer who runs  a little tiki bar in the Canary Islands during the tourist season and spends the rest of his time visiting his kids(and grandkids) or on surf adventures. It's a hard life.

The beautiful thing about going into a pub in Ireland is that you WILL make a friend in there, guaranteed and it will not be in a pushy way, it will be in an open and honest and most likely comedic way. And in that way, it is very hard to ever feel alone, even so far from home. That is the beauty of Ireland.