I waited to write about this place, until I had a fresh brain and a little caffeine. This is because, although we were only there for 3 short days, it was the experience and education of a life time. The main purpose of visiting this beautiful little mountain town tucked up in northern Italy near the Austrian boarder, was to visit a friend DJ had made on a previous trip to Portugal, Michel.  Michel and his girlfriend Daniela welcomed us into their home (which is gorgeous) and immediately immersed us in the BEAUTIFUL culture of Meran. Michel is a head chef at a local resort there, so to experience an Italian city with a chef, is very very lucky. 

Apart from taking us on little explorative adventures around town, like an ancient watch tower and a handful of breathtaking old churches, we drank LOTS of incredible local wine and made some good friends in the process. We ate THE BEST pizza I've ever had in my life. No one can convince me otherwise. We drank gluhwein outside in the clear cold night, under twinkling lights and beside blazing fires. But what I found most special, was on our last day we were treated to an incredible homemade meal, created by Michel, himself. Pasta, sauce, everything was made from scratch to complete the seafood pasta dish called Scoglio (which is pictured down at the bottom). All I could do was make happy sounds as we ate there together, cozy by their christmas tree, before we hopped on our next train.

The warmth and friendliness we felt from Michel, Daniela and their friends was so refreshing after the isolation we felt in Germany. The people of Meran take such pride and delight in showing you the BEST version of what they have created. Quality over quanitity every time, everywhere I went in Europe, not just Italy. There is something to be learned, in taking your time to do something right, once. Instead of crappily over and over :) 

Thank you to everyone we met while we were there, I cannot wait to visit again, but in the meantime, COME VISIT US!! love love love