Alternative West Coast Camping

This summer I had the pleasure of venturing out multiple times to The Sou'Wester  Lodge to do some updating for their visual library. This place is a unique and fun alternative, to just pitching a tent in the woods and almost just as inexpensive. It is located in Seaview WA, only twenty minutes away from Astoria. From the Lodge it's a short walk to the beach, as well as the Discovery bike trails that you can take to Cape Disappointment. This collage of cabins, vintage airstream trailers, campsites  and a historic lodge that was built in 1892,  has continued to grow and become a coast destination for romantic get-aways, families and of course, airstream rallies.The place has a very communal and laid back feel, with an outdoor kitchen, "thrifty" the thrift store trailer, a shop with local art and crafts and an open aired venue for events and weddings. The staff is amazing and go above and beyond to make you feel relaxed. For an affordable vacation experience, I highly recommend these guys! Seaview, WA

Seaview, WA Seaview, WA Seaview, WA Seaview, WA Outdoor/Indoor Venue

Seaview, WA Seaview, WA Seaview, WA Outdoor Kitchen Thirft Shop Cape Disappointment, WA

Surf Contests and Salmon Bakes

It's been a while, since my last post. I've been working on a few different projects and have been thankful to be so busy! But the summer seems to have gotten away from me,  so here's a little update. Last weekend, Matt and I drove 4 hours north, to the beautiful and eerie beaches of La Push, Washington, home to the Quileute Tribe. La Push stretches along the northern Olympic Peninsula and is surrounded by old growth forests. This little piece of coast has an almost timeless feel and reminds me of our own Short Sands. The reason for our little adventure,  was to check out the Traditions Surf Contest that Lib Tech and North By Northwest have been sponsoring for the last two years. The proceeds of the competition go to the local surf camps and Quileute youth. Matt entered into the contest, so we arrived bright and early to get setup. The competition lasted all day and towards the end of it, some locals brought out beautiful huge  fresh salmon, and cooked it right there on the beach, for all of us to enjoy.  What a great experience, I can't wait for next year!

IMG_8695 La Push IMG_8753 La Push Lib Tech Rep Lib Tech Rep

IMG_8857 IMG_8886

IMG_8919 IMG_8911 IMG_8934 IMG_8945 IMG_8955 IMG_8976 IMG_8978 IMG_8999 IMG_9013 IMG_9010 IMG_9032 IMG_9087 IMG_9089