Tuscania/San Giusto

After leaving Meran, we headed south to San Giusto and warmer weather, a secret paradise just outside the small town of Tuscania. We stayed two nights in Ippolita and SImone's incredible rebuilt castle tower that they have available HERE on Airbnb. You should stay there too :) The place is a haven for horses, donkeys, dogs, cats, DJs and Mayas. With rolling hills surrounding it and a lazy creek running through open fields, it is the most serene I've ever felt. For breakfast, we were ushered into Ippolita's family home for a lavish freshly made meal, home cured meats, fresh lemon cake and so many other yums. 

We walked into Tuscania our second day there and explored the small town, ancient churches and of course delicious foods and coffee. The town has a very relaxed feel, the locals were so friendly and we had the place to ourselves, since it's not exactly a tourist hotspot (not sure why!), but that was fine with us. It was so warm that day, I'll never forget that feeling. 

It is impossible to pick a favorite place during our adventure, but this comes pretty close. While we were there, DJ cooked us delicious pasta and we drank champagne and watched the sun go down over a horizon of rocky hills dotted with donkeys. It is a truly unique and vibrant place. Ippolita, Simone and their employees work so hard to make San Giusto shine and it shows. The grounds also include an abbey, a couple homes and a few little cottages, all of which were rebuilt starting about 25 years ago by Ippolita's father and then late Ippolita and Simone as well. Many a couple have said "I Do" there as well, since they've recently turned San Giusto into a wedding venue (hire me now!?). We most definitely will be returning because it's a place you can't just visit once.